Note To Site Visitors

Due to multiple reasons that we won’t get into, TwiFics Picks, where we spotlight a story on Sundays, will no longer be a regular feature at TwiFic Reviews. When we come across a gem of a story, and as time permits, we will surprise you with a TwiFics Pick, but there will no longer be a regular schedule.

We are NOT abandoning the site or the library database. We are recommitting our efforts to keeping the catalog of stories up to date with newly completed stories added on a regular basis.

However, a mega huge library will do NONE of us any good if we don’t ALL participate in taking a little time to rate the stories. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time — writing a book review isn’t necessary (but is appreciated). All you need to do is quickly give the story a star rating by effortlessly clicking on the stars. You do have to have some text in the comment field or the software won’t accept your star rating, but you can write something as brief as “I loved it” or “I didn’t like it.”

Check back often for newly added stories. You can find these quickly by checking the “Recently Added To Library” section in the left sidebar. If you’d like a specific story added to the library, you can submit a request by clicking on Submit Story To Library on the toolbar above. Happy Reading!

–The TwiFic Admin Team (Loving40s, EdwardisaVILF, and FluffyLiz)

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